What are the issues?
It is known that conventional energy storage systems using batteries still have not enough system reliability and require high maintenance costs. Because they requires a larger space for installation, they also have difficulties in scalability.
Why Acrolabs’s clean ESS solution?
Acrolabs’s clean ESS solution improves system reliability by replacing the conventional batteries with Frequency Regulation for Grid and/or Off-Grid Power. Our clean ESS solution is a hybrid system that operates by the combined operation of an electrolyzer and a fuel cell. In the presence of excess power, the electrolyzer uses the surplus power to produce hydrogen and store it in the hydrogen storage tanks.
Conversely, in situation of low power, the fuel cell produces electricity using the stored hydrogen. This type of operation allows the customers to achieve stabilization of the system. It also can be operated in conjunction with other renewable energy (solar, wind, biofuels, etc.), allowing for expansion of the power production scale.